About Us


BMC Center was founded in 2001 by Rebbetzin, Kallah Teacher & Mentor, International Speaker, and Certified Life Coach, Chana Carlebach.

Rebbetzin Carlebach was inspired to open this center after the loss of her baby boy Moshe Chaim Z'L in 2000. 

Originally, BMC Center was an Orthodox all-girls seminary in S. Agathe, Quebec.

It has now expanded to an international and virtual teachers college, with courses available online and worldwide, offering learning opportunities for Jewish women of all ages. 

BMC Center is a source of empowerment for Jewish women; empowering their souls, their families, and ultimately the world.

How we work:

BMC Center puts a special emphasis on educating the teachers and leaders of today and tomorrow.

Led by Chana Carlebach, students are treated to a hands-on program. They are empowered to be strong Jewish women within their community, while immersing themselves in Jewish studies, to fulfill their spiritual, emotional, and practical development.

This is done through:

- Online Courses

- Teacher Training

- Marriage & Intimacy Coaching

- Retreats