Chana Carlebach

Founder & Director, BMC Center
CEO, Chana Carlebach Coaching

Chana Carlebach is the director of BMC Center in S. Agathe Quebec, Canada with thousands of students world wide. She is a world renowned motivational speaker, certified marriage and intimacy with 33 years experience coaching new brides and couples. Her greatest passion is training Taharas Hamishpacha teachers. She is currently developing a similar curriculum for the men. 

A New York native, Chana moved to Quebec some 33 years ago to marry and begin her life with Rabbi of House of Israel Synagogue, Emmanuel Carlebach. Together, they have 13 children, including Moshe Chaim z"l, who is the divine inspiration for BMC Center. 

Chana is a true spiritual leader, mentor, teacher, intimacy coach and international speaker.

She is the protagonist in two documentaries "Shekinah One: The Intimate Life of the Jewish Woman"and "Shekinah Two, Women Leading the Way in the New Era." She also received prestigious honours from Federation CJA in Montreal for excellence in education and community.

With a focus on education, family purity, and enhancing your marriage relationship Rebbetzin Carlebach brings the joy in Judaism to every lesson, lecture, and speaker engagement. 

Chana inspires all those who meet her to love Hashem, love themselves, and love their spouse.


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  • Marriage & Intimacy Coach - One on One Coaching Providing You with the Tools to Enhance Your Intimate Relations

  • Speaking Engagements 

    • Joy of Intimacy​

    • Mystery of the Mikvah

    • How to be a Powerful and Inspirational Woman

    • Marriage, Children & Intimacy: Balancing it All

    • Helping Women Access the Power of Intimate Relations

  • Kallah Teacher - Introducing brides of all ages and backgrounds to marriage and intimacy through Torah wisdom

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"Shine your light, reveal your essence, activate your potential!"

Chana Carlebach