Chana Carlebach

Founder & Director, BMC Center

Chana Carlebech, a New York native, moved to Quebec some 33 years ago to marry and begin her life with Rabbi of House of Israel Synagogue, Emmanuel Carlebach. Together, they have 13 children, including Moshe Chaim z"l, who is the divine inspiration for BMC Center. 
Chana is not your average Rebbetzin, she is a true spiritual leader, mentor, teacher, life coach and international speaker.
With a focus on education, family purity, and enhancing your marriage relationship Rebbetzin Carlebach brings the joy in Judaism to every lesson, lecture, and speaker engagement. 
She is a mikvah advocate, a relationship expert, and inspires all those her meet her to love Hashem, love themselves, and love their significant other.


Book Chana Carlebach

  • Life Coach

  • Speaking Engagements (Topics include: Taharas Hamishpacha, The Power of Mikvah, Marriage and Intimacy, Joy in Judaism)

  • Kallah Teacher


"Shine your light, reveal your essence, activate your potential!"

Chana Carlebach


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